Tuesday, June 25, 2013



In which my prints travel to the hill on Waiale Avenue and I get to hang out with fantastic young kids.

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Last Saturday my friend Chris Cook and his crew put on a happening pop-up art event at the Black Cat Salon on Waiale Ave in one of Honolulu’s coolest neighborhood, Kaimuki. We had beer brewed for the occasion. Chris: “Jeremyah Wubben is absolutely killing it with the craft beer that he's brewing. Last night he served up a beer we like to call, "The CEO" and a mango habanero pale ale. It's hard to say which one you liked more, but we'd love to hear your feedback. Jeremyah and I are working on getting a brewery up and running on O'ahu called Madness Brewing to bring locally crafted dynamic beers to your favorite bars. To keep in the loop on how the brewery project is progressing, check out the facebook page here: www.facebook.com/sanityrelief “ Yes, dynamic.
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R&R Pt. 2 prints
Jason Feris, me, Jaimey Feris-Hamilton
 Here is a video run through the gallery while we were about to finish the set-up.
For about a week the DJ Alex and I send e-mails back and fourth and he played a fantastic set that complimented the prints and the story of the printer, just awesome, from Neu’s krautrock, to the New York Dolls and some Dieter Osten thrown in.
“Sean, Kai and Kevin from Green Rows Farm in Waimanalo donated a heaping bag of green mangoes to the effort of providing some nibbles for everyone.” Which Jaimey Ferris – Hamilton and Chris made into different pupus, house made naan bread with 3 dipping sauces, a mango chutney, a lemon cucumber tzatziki sauce, and a carrot-top roasted mac-nut pesto. The pesto was far and away the fan favorite”.
The art fit well into the industrial looking space, but the most exciting experience for me was to hang out with a crowd of young kids, talk to them and learn how much they actually liked my work. 
Here is a small clip: The Kids are Coming in.
This was a rocking party. A big Mahalo to Chris and his crew, Liv, Noel, Jeremiah, Alex, Jaimey, Jason and all the rest of you who helped made this a lot of fun and all the people I met Maya, Vanessa, Thomas and the ones whose names temporarily slipped from my mind. I had a lot of great conversations.

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