Friday, March 21, 2008

festival of patience performers

Opening - Sunday 4/20 4:00-8:00

Box of Crayons (NYC)

Box of Crayons is a New York/Brooklyn Irish Folk/Punk band. Fran Powers is the founder of the band which will be joined by his wife on bass for this special occasion. Indeed it is very special for me to be joined by my old friends Fran and Madonna. All of us worked together at several East Village institutions like Trash & Vaudeville and Bandito’s, played in each other’s bands, recorded and toured together. I used to baby-sit their first son, who meanwhile has graduated from college. I am looking forward to welcome these friends on their first trip to Hawai‘I, to hang out and enjoy the band. Check out their myspace site, which includes free music downloads.

'3rd floor' (HNL)

'3rd floor' is a rock & roll band, that I formed in August 2006, with my thesis in mind. It consists entirely of students of the UH Art & Art History department. During the last year and a half we tried to develop a spirit of community within the department and performed at functions within and outside the department (Labyrinth of the Ridiculous). This semester we have practice hard, integrated more singers and instruments and are able to perform several diverse sets. The material of the band is comprised of original songs and covers of historical/artistic significance and present urgency. Finally, 3rd floor is dedicated to recreate the spirit and music of the influential art-rock band the Velvet Underground. 3rd floor is named after its home in the art building and plays at the crossroads between visual/performing arts and music. The members of the band are: Will Williams (g.v), Lian Litvin (v.perc), Liam Davis (v.b), Jeff Nesbitt (v.key), Garret Goodwin (v,perc), Dieter Runge (v.g).

'songs for a patient sea'. - Wednesday April 23, 7 PM

Hosted by. g. liu jr with g.liu.jr, megum pie, 'ryantology' (HNL),
Fran Powers, Brian - the Subway Crooner - Dillon (NYC)

G. Liu.Jr. writes music for solo voice and guitar; in the spirit of
this exhibition, he will play a set entirely of songs about the ocean.

Megum Pie is a songwriter from Honolulu, Hawaii. Her debut album,
'Hours Apart', was released last year, and is available now.

Ryantology is the 'solo' endeavor of Ryan Miyashiro, guitarist for the
rock extravaganza, POWER!. He is sometimes joined in this exercise by
the Michael-biologists.

Take a Walk On The Wild Side - Thursday 7 PM

Hosted by Robert Reed

J.Robert Reed is a performance artist fairly new to Hawaii. He is a recent UH graduate and is returning for more punishment this fall to achieve an MFA. His battle with being a " Jack Off of All Trades and Masterbater of One " has led him back to his love of costumes which now has evolved into performance art. Living for ten years in NYC he performed with Cyndi Lauper and performed for the opening of The Sex Museum among other tirades. Recently he performed in The Labyrinth of The Ridiculous curated by Dieter Runge and Jaimey Hamilton in Honolulu.
For this particular cabaret show he will be battling his self inflicted phobia of singing and touching on subjects such as the influence of celebrities as role models on young women, stereotypes and prejudices, the state of our nation today and just havin' a damn good time in six inch heels!

Robert Appleton is a classically trained performance artist. He is most famous for not being famous. He has appeared with the Francis Ethel Gumm Memorial players in Ravaged by Romance and Up, Up, and More Up at La Mama.; Joe's Pub, Fez all in NYC; and the Boulder museum of Contemporary Art in Boulder Colorado. He has collaborated with Lance Cruce in their earthshaking production of Ranch Hands are People Too at Dixon Place and an extended run at Jimmy’s both NYC.
Mr. Appleton has created and performed many a solo performance piece. The ones he is most fond of are: Tales of the Celluloid Kid (an examination of Paul Lynde and the Southern California Punk Rock and Hustler scene). Mine
Eyes Have Seen the Glory (a cleansing/exorcism of the cultural ill of Anita Bryant). And, Other People's Kids a twenty-four hour performance piece dealing with the break down of the human ego into Schizophrenia. These pieces were performed at Dixon Place and the Cleveland Performance Festival. Robert has also had the pleasure of working with Karen Finley and being in the film version of Wallace Shawn's Marie and Bruce. That's all folks.
For his stint at the University of Hawaii, Robert will be doing his version of Cabaret. The definition of Cabaret for him is: a rabid discounted New Yorker, a frustrated real estate agent, an actor auditioning for a soft/hardcore blue film...even bad actors need to work, Scarlet Tissue an investment banker by day and Rock n'Roll superstar by night...and what ever else he might pull out of his arse!!!

Lance Cruce is an East Village NYC performance artist of many talents. He has worked with Karen Finley, Holly Woodlawn, Chris Tanner Cyndi Lauper, Murray Hill, and is the pianist for Joan Rivers. He has written and starred in numerous plays and musicals at La Mamma and many other NYC venues and can often be seen tap dancing up a storm in and out of heels. For this performance, Lance will be tap dancing, singing, playing the piano and performing many avant-garde skits.

Malia Leinau is a BFA graduate of UH who specializes in photography. She is a performance artist who has recently been part of the renewed downtown burlesque scene. For this performance she will be doing a dance performance among other variety acts.

Closing Party Friday 4/25 6:00 PM

East Side Blues Band (Kauai)

Here is another connection to New York where Donald Kelly hails from. Donald was the camera for several of my videos we shot on the Lower East Side during the 80’s (to be posted here soon) and is the lead guitarist and one of several vocalists for the band. The East Side Blues Band hails from Kauai and plays the blues, traditional to contemporary, Albert King to Coco Montoya.

Jammarek (HNL)

Jammarek is an African Drum Ensemble that gets everyone on the dance floor. One of my favorite bands for a long time. Jammarek fulfilled one of my dreams when we performed together (3rd floor) at the Labyrinth of the Ridiculous on a rousing jam to the VU’s Ocean and What Goes On, that had everybody jumping up and down and the floors vibrating last October at the much missed Soullenz Gallery.

For AI (HNL)

‘For AI’ is composed of 4 students of the UH Art & Art History department and exploded onto the scene recently with a mesmerizing performance that reminded us of the hailed bands of the New York No Wave scene with a nod to the seminal art-rock band Kraftwerk. We recommend everyone to catch this upcoming band’s early performances because this band is transforming quickly and are in danger of becoming too slick too soon. The band is: Brian Lo (perc), Scoop Bransicso (key,g,perc), Satoshi Takahira (g), Yong-shen Yang (v).

Box of Crayons (NYC)
'3rd floor' (HNL)

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