Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mystik Mood

Mystik Mood is a black and white movie entirely shot and edited in super 8, old school, by myself. I filmed it while working as a bike messenger. The song was recorded with East of Eden in 1984 and released as a 7" single  Mystik Mood/Sea of Happiness  and on the Dieter Osten /East of Eden 12" album, both on Moon Records.  I wrote Mystic Mood on the roof of 23 St Marks Place, where the VU played at the Electric Circus and where I lived for a while. The video was shown around the world as part of the bicycle film festival (ca 2006/7?).

The video contains parts of a fight between a bike messenger and a cab driver. It happened on my first day of shooting. When I first saw the fight the messenger threw his bike onto the hood of the cab, which started to take off. the messenger grabbed the open rear window of the cab and rode on his heels down the center lane of 5th Ave. I didn't have a battery in my camera yet. I delivered a package to the 10th floor of a building on 41st St and got a battery. Once I returned to 5th Ave I shot the scene in front of the public library. I fills out the guitar solo after the second chorus.

Mystik Mood DVD cover


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