Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thesis Exhibition 1

Thesis Exhibition 
 University of Hawaii Manoa Campus April 2008
flags, wood block print on bamboo fabric outside the gallery

The festival of patience blog was started as support for my thesis exhibition and I stopped posting new content. Now, 5 years later, I decided to revive it and to become part of my website. It comes from the desire to share what I have been doing.

3rd floor at the opening. all dressed up (me) and all dressed down (drummer).
in back 'water' oil on linen, 3 panels 48" x 96"
15' tall wall covered with fragments of rock'n roll lyrics and quotes from the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. painting of the Bombing of Dresden, oil on canvas 84" x 66". 7" vinyl reissue of NYN 001 "Just Like Dresden 45" (drop songs, not bombs, so to speak). oil drum with band flyers.

                                                                                                                                                                  Jeff in Patti jacket, oil on leather
Fran Powers holding up lighter, crying. Fran and Madonna Powers are old NY friends and fellow musicians and brought their band Box of Crayons, played at the opening and closing.

The thesis went off pretty much as I hoped with a great opening and performances every day and every night (except Monday), culminating Friday night with dancing to 5 bands playing. Without bragging, it can be said that the University of Hawaii Art Department hasn’t experienced a MFA thesis exhibition quite like this before or since. Special thanks go to my adviser Yida Wang and the rest of the committee Peter Chamberlain, Jaimey Hamilton and Stephen Niles, all the artists who performed throughout the week, my fellow grad-students for helping me set up the show, my taiji students who made all the local food for the opening and Galen Mew for building the stage.
 Throughout every day of the exhibition planned and spontaneous performances happened. One highlight  was the cabaret night called take a walk on the wild side. It was curated by Robert Reed and featured performers from as far away as New York.

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