Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thesis Exhibition 2

a few more pictures from the festival of patience

 Robert Reed as Cher doing the beat goes on. This was one of Robert's breakout performance. He subsequently did his MFA and has become a seasoned performer. Besides organizing the cabaret night he went through multiple costume changes and skits. We build a cat-walk especially for the night. At the end of the night we had all the performers, musicians and audience jamming and dancing to a life version of walk on the wild side.

                            Robert from NYC singing outside the gallery.

    A performer of Honolulu's Cherry Blossom Cabaret transformed from George Bush into Hillary      Clinton. This is before Obama was nominated.

     Dancing outside the gallery during closing night. 5 bands performned, 'For AI', 3rd floor, and Jammarek, all Honolulu, East Side Blues Band, Kauai and Box of Crayons, NYC. 3rd floor played two sets. In between sets I had to repaint the gallery, covering all the brush painting lyrics. A festival of patience indeed.

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